Rotate by Degrees


See Also: Rotate by Line, Auto Deskew


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Rotate by Degrees rotates or deskews a raster or vector image by a user-defined number of degrees.


1. For a Raster image – Select Raster Effects Menu > Rotate > By Degrees or Click then click on the image to display the dialog.

 For a Vector image – Select Vector Edit Menu > Modify > Rotate > By Degrees

2. Enter the number of degrees you want to rotate the image by into the dialog.

 If you enter a positive angle, the image will be rotated in a clockwise direction.

If you enter a negative angle, it will be rotated in an anti clockwise direction.

You can enter fractions of a degree (e.g. 0.5).

3. Click OK.

If you have both a Raster and Vector image loaded and you propose to rotate each then rotate the Vector image before the Raster image.


Undo does not affect Rotate by Degrees. The best way to undo Rotate by Degrees is to reload the original image, or to rotate the image again until it is the right way up.


Rotate by Degrees is intended to correct small skews caused by scanning the drawing in at a slight angle (up to 3 degrees) or to rotate the image by 90 degrees or 180 degrees. If you rotate  a raster image at any other angle it may undergo a severe deterioration in quality.


Rotate a selection of a raster or vector image

To rotate a selection of a raster or vector image by any degrees, first click the selection icon  Scan2CAD selection icon

Left click on your mouse and hold the mouse button down to lasso an area you wish to select.

After selecting the vectors you wish to rotate click the right mouse button and click Rotate Using > Value

Enter the number of degrees you wish to rotate the image and click OK.

The selection will rotate clockwise by the defined degrees.

Right click the selection again and choose Move Selected to complete your rotate.

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