Rotate by Line


See Also: Rotate by Degrees, Auto Deskew


Before After


Rotate by Line deskews a raster image using a reference line.


1. Click , press Ctrl+L or select Raster Effects Menu > Rotate > By Line.
2. Scan2CAD prompts you to draw a reference line.

Draw a reference line (indicated by the arrow in the diagram above) on top of a line on the raster image that should be exactly horizontal or vertical.

Draw the reference line by pressing down your left mouse button, holding it down and then dragging your mouse.


When you release your left mouse button, Scan2CAD automatically rotates the image so that the line you drew the reference line over is exactly horizontal or vertical.


Undo does not affect Rotate by Line. The best way to undo Rotate by Line is to reload the original image, or to rotate the image again until it is correctly aligned.


If you click instead of drawing a reference line, the Raster Rotate Setting dialog appears and you can rotate the image By Degrees instead of By Line.
Rotate by Line is intended to correct small skews caused by scanning the drawing in at a slight angle (up to 3 degrees). If you rotate the image at any other angle it may undergo a severe deterioration in quality.


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