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Set CNC export options


CNC file are exported using the G-Code format.


G-Code Bezier options

Bezier curves can be exported as g-code as 3 possible options:-

1. Cubic Splines  – g-code G05

2. Arcs                 – g-code G02/G03

3. Polylines         – g-code G01

If you select Bezier -> Polylines, each Bezier curve will be broken into a user-defined number of straight line segments when you save the vectors to CNC. Type the number of segments you want into the Segments box. The diagram below shows the effect of breaking a curve into 4, 8, 16 and 32 segments.


Bezier curve exported to polyline:

Original Bezier, 4 segments,    8 segments,   16 segments,  32 segments.

The default value of 16 segments will be optimal in most cases.

Arc and Circle Rotation

This defines the clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation direction applied to Arcs and Circles

Z Settings

The Z fields allow the user to set various parameters relating to the cutting of the exported vectors.

Set fields to zero if not required.

You can set the unit of measurement used for the Z settings in File > Vector > Export Scale Options. On this dialogue you can edit the ‘Export Units’


The exported vector CNC code can be scaled as required by using the Scale the vector image option



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