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Set PDF export options

One of the options available for saving the vectorized image is as a PDF file. Prior to saving the image as PDF, you must first be aware of the export options relating to color.

Before saving the vector image as a PDF file you need to ensure that the PDF export options are set correctly.

To set the PDF export options, go to File Menu > PDF > Export Options.


Save Vector Colors

If you select Save Vector Colors, vectors will be saved to the PDF file in their actual colors.


Save Type Colors

If you select Save Type Colors, vectors will be saved to the PDF file colored by type, i.e: Continuous lines as red; arrow lines as gray; dash and dash dot lines as black; hatch lines as brown; polylines, polygons and solid fills as green; circles as dark blue; arcs as magenta; Bezier curves as pale blue; and text as magenta.


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