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⛔️ This article is for a legacy version of Scan2CAD. See our updated tutorials. ⛔️



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Skew skews a raster image by a user-defined number of degrees.


1. Select Raster Effects Menu > Skew

2. Enter the number of degrees you want to skew the image by into the dialog.

If you enter a positive angle, the image will be skewed in a clockwise direction.

If you enter a negative angle, it will be skewed in an anti clockwise direction.

You can enter fractions of a degree (e.g. 0.5).

3. Click OK.

Each of the SkewX and SkewY fields should have values entered – if you require skewing in one direction only then put a very small value (0.01) in the non required direction.



Undo does not affect Skew. The best way to undo Skew is to reload the original image.


Skew is intended to correct small skews caused by scanning the drawing in at a slight angle. If you Skew a raster image at  a large angle it may undergo a severe deterioration in quality.

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