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Touching Characters


See Also: OCR settings



If text characters on a raster image touch, Scan2CAD cannot identify them.

If the Split option in Touching Characters is selected, Scan2CAD will attempt to split and identify touching characters.

This will improve text recognition on some raster images, however on others it may result in a lot of “junk characters” being recognized. This is because characters that touch are often very poor quality and are unrecognizable even after splitting – note for example the lack of clarity in the letter A in the illustration below.


Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio is the width of a typical text character divided by its height. It tells Scan2CAD how wide characters are likely to be given their height.

If Scan2CAD finds a character that is much wider than expected according to the Aspect Ratio you have set it will attempt to split it into Aspect Ratio shaped characters:


If the font on the raster image has wide characters, you will have to set a larger Aspect Ratio. If the font on the raster image has narrow characters, you will have to set a smaller Aspect Ratio. The Aspect Ratio of a typical font is 0.7.


Select Split and Aspect Ratio

Select Split and Aspect Ratio in the OCR Settings dialog, which appears when you select OCR Menu > Settings.


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