Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Problems


Problems scanning

If you get a blank sheet when you scan, go to File Menu > Acquire and deselect the Optimize Twain option.


Problems reading DXF files into AutoCAD or AutoSketch

To load a DXF file into AutoCAD:


1. Go to AutoCAD’s File Menu and choose Open.
2. In the Select File dialog, selected DXF (*.dxf) from the Files of Type dropdown.
3. Use the Select File dialog to locate and open the DXF file.
4. Go to AutoCAD’s View Menu and choose Zoom > Extents.


If you are following the steps above but are still having problems, go into Scan2CAD and make sure that File Menu > Vector > DXF Export Options > CAD Color0->Color7 is selected before you save the DXF file.


Arcs missing in AutoCAD

If you load a DXF file into AutoCAD and find that some of the arcs are missing, re-save your DXF file using the DXF pre 14 option.


DXF reads strangely into your CAD or CNC program, or does not read in at all

It’s likely that your DXF file contains Bezier curves, but that your CAD or CNC program doesn’t support them.

Try going to File Menu >  Vector > DXF Export Options and selecting Bezier -> Arcs, then re-saving the DXF file. On save, the Bezier curves are converted to arcs and the DXF file should now read into your CAD or CNC program.


Scan2CAD doesn’t read the whole of a DXF file

Scan2CAD only reads those elements in a DXF file that it supports.


Scan2CAD reads a DXF file it has created in blank

When File Menu > Vector > DXF Export Options > CAD Color0->Color7 and Vectors -> True Color are selected and you save a DXF file, black vectors will be saved as white.

When you read the DXF file back into Scan2CAD, you will not be able to see the white vectors. To see the vectors, press C to view them by type instead of by color.


No text is saved

If you have run OCR with Display Mode set to Chars, you must use OCR Menu > Build Strings before saving the vector image or saving an ASCII text file or no text will be saved in the file.


Scan2CAD won’t paste from other applications

You can paste raster items into Scan2CAD from other applications using Raster Edit Menu > Paste From > Clipboard. You cannot use Raster Edit Menu > Paste From > Clipboard to paste non-raster items such as text or DXF vectors into Scan2CAD.


Vectors work file has not been opened, Defaults.ini has not been opened  and other messages about temp files, creating files, writing files or allocating image memory

Ensure you have write access to the folder where Scan2CAD is installed. You may need to check with your Systems Administrator.
Check that your hard disk is not full.
Use Windows Explorer to search for files with the following names: Vectfile.Dat, Pathfile.Dat and Ocrtemp.Txt. If you find any files with these names, delete them.


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