Vectorize an image without text

Click here if you want to vectorize a color image to color vectors.


This method converts all elements on the raster image to vectors.

Any text on the image that has not already been converted to editable vector text using Run Menu > OCR is converted to non-editable text made up of lines, polylines, circles, arcs or Bezier curves.


See Also: View text extents


1. Go through the Raster Quality Checklist.
2. To convert the whole image make sure the whole image is displayed. You can display the whole image by clicking or pressing the Home key.

To convert part of the image select the area(s) you want to convert.

If you convert the image in parts you can use different vectorization settings on different parts of the image.

4. Click , press the F7 key or select Run Menu > Vectorization.

Raster elements in the selected area(s) are converted to lines, polylines, circles, arcs or Bezier curves.


To undo the vectorization, press Ctrl+F7 or select Run Menu > Undo Vectorization.


The vectors are displayed by type – i.e. they are colored according to the type of vector they are. Press C on your keyboard to view the vectors in their actual colors.


Problems? See Troubleshooting vector recognition, Technical support  


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