Versions of Scan2CAD


There are three versions of Scan2CAD:

Pro & Business


Note: For the purposes of this manual we consider Pro and Business as one version because they contain the same feature sets. We will use the term ‘Pro’ to reference both packages for the rest of this manual.


The Scan2CAD trial version

The trial version of Scan2CAD is a full copy of Scan2CAD Pro that works for a limited trial period.

After the trial period is over, the trial version continues to function as a raster editor but vector save, batch conversion, the command line, font training and dedicated wide format scanner drivers are disabled.


Differences between the Lite and Pro versions of Scan2CAD

The Pro version of Scan2CAD includes the following features that are not included in the Lite version.


Scan2CAD Pro includes Floating / Concurrent Network License and Fixed Network License options.


Scan2CAD Pro allows you to convert a batch of raster images or PDF files to DXF.


Scan2CAD Pro can  convert color raster images to color DXF files.

Scan2CAD Lite can load color raster images but can only convert them to black and white DXF files.


Scan2CAD Pro includes a Dictionary that you can use to spell check vector text for quick and easy editing.


You can train Scan2CAD Pro’s text recognition to recognize text fonts that it doesn’t recognize by default.


The command line allows you to run Scan2CAD from other applications and automate virtually any sequence of Scan2CAD commands.


Dedicated wide format scanner drivers

Scan2CAD Pro provides dedicated driver support for Colortrac SmartLF scanners and the HP Designjet T2300 eMFP.


In this Help, features that are not available in the Lite version are marked with the yellow box above.


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