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View Ruler

About Rulers

Rulers allow you to view real-world measurements within your work area. This is a very handy tool if you wish to ensure  your drawings are ‘true’ to the original measurements.


When view ruler display is on, a ruler is displayed on the left and top edge of the image.

How to view Rulers

To turn view ruler on or off, do either of the following:

Press Shift+R.
Select View Menu > View Ruler


Ruler Display Units

The ruler can be displayed  using the following measurement units.

1. Pixels

2. Inches

3. Centimeters

4. Export Units

The Export Units are those currently set in the DXF/DWG Export settings.

This display option is extremely useful in providing a visual indication that the vectors are scaled as intended.

To set the DXF/DWG export options, go to File Menu > Vector > DXF/DWG Export Options.


To select the measurement display units, use the following menu option:

Select View Menu > Ruler Type



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