⛔️ This article is for a legacy version of Scan2CAD. See our updated tutorials. ⛔️


View the palette

The palette refers to the range of colors contained in the raster image. At times, you may need to view the image’s palette within Scan2CAD.

To view the palette, do either of the following:


Press Shift+P or select View Menu > View Palette.

The palette is displayed at the bottom of the screen.


If you get a “No Palette Exists” error message, this is because the image has a color depth of 16.7 million. You need to reduce the color depth. See How the palette is determined.


Select Palette Menu > View/Edit Palette.



If you select Palette Menu > View/Edit Palette when an image with a color depth of 16.7M is loaded, Scan2CAD creates a palette of 256 colors based on the color distribution within the image. It then maps all the other colors in the image to the 256 colors in the palette. The image’s color depth is retained at 16.7 million but it now only uses 256 of the 16.7 million colors.


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