Write vector text


1. If they are not already selected, select the following icons:

2. If no Pick Color is selected, Scan2CAD will draw the text in black.

If you want to draw in any other color, select a Pick Color.

3. If you want to position the text using a grid, set a Grid Snap Distance.
4. Click where you want the text to be positioned.
5. A dialog appears:




If you select the Vector Text option Scan2CAD will create editable vector text that you can edit using the text editing functions.
If you select the Vector Outline option Scan2CAD will create outlined text made up of lines and Bezier curves:

You can edit the outlines using the vector editing functions.


6. When you are satisfied with the contents of the dialog, click OK.


Click to undo.

You cannot undo text that has been created using the Vector Outline option. To delete text that has been created using the Vector Outline option, use vector area erase.


If the text is displayed in magenta this is because you have vectors set to display by type. Press C to toggle between displaying vectors by color or by type.
You cannot snap when you are writing text even if snaps are turned on.
If you select the Vector Outline option, there is only one visible control point between any consecutive Bezier curves that are created. To activate the second control point, click on the grab point between the Bezier curves.
If you use different fonts, you must select User Set under Fonts in File Menu > Vector > DXF Export Options before exporting the DXF file.


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