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Editing vector text

The simple process of editing the vector text in your image.


Exporting your vector file

Here’s how to export (save) your vector file. For example this could be a DXF or DWG file.


How PDF files can contain both raster and vector

Understanding how PDF files can contain both raster and vector elements


How to convert your image to vector

A quick introduction to the simple process of converting your image to vector.


How to create a vector outline

Sometimes all you need is a simple outline of the elements in your image. Here’s how!


How to move raster objects

Observe how to use the raster move tool to move raster objects in your images


How to move vector text

In this video you’ll see how to view the vector grab points on any vector object and then, how to move the vector text


How to open a file

This video will show you how to load-in a file to Scan2CAD.


How to tile images

From time to time you may need to create an image which is formed of multiple original images. We call this ’tiling’. Here’s how to tile images in Scan2CAD.


Introduction to editing your vector file

In this video we show some basic ways in which you may edit your vector file (for example DXF or DWG files)


Tips for converting poor quality image text

If only the text in images were always perfect high-resolution quality. Here’s some basic tips for when the text in your image isn’t great quality.