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Editing vector text


Video Transcript

00:00: Hi everybody. Luke from Scan2CAD here. So in this video, we’re going to talk about editing vector text. You can see that I’ve loaded in the floor plan file which is located in the samples folder in every download of Scan2CAD. I believe it automatically installs in your documents folder. So feel free to load that file in yourself as you’re watching this video and as I say, we’re going to talk about editing the vector text.

00:28: On the screen right now we can see the text in the raster image. This is a TIFF file, but I want to be able to edit the text. What I want to do is label this bedroom as ‘bedroom 1’ and we can do that first by converting it to vector. Now I’ve already done the conversion. So right now we’re viewing the raster. If I click V for vector, we’ll view the vector format. There we go and next I want to edit the vector text and to do that I will choose the vector edit mode which is the red E. Then I’m gonna click Vector Draw which will give me the draw tools.

01:20: Finally, I’m going to select ‘Vector Draw Edit Text’ and that will give me the tool to select the vector text itself. I’m just going to click here and you can see when you click on a string, it loads in the whole string itself or sentence if you like. I can edit it directly in this dialogue box here so I’m just gonna change bedroom to bedroom space one. I’m gonna keep everything else as it is. It all looks fine to me. I’m going to hit okay and there we go. That’s a simple process of editing your vector text.

02:04: In future videos, we will go into more in-depth processes, but that’s it for now. Cheers.