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How PDF files can contain both raster and vector


Video Transcript

00:00: Hi, everybody. Luke from Scan2CAD here. Some files can contain both Raster elements, and Vector elements. That can cause some confusion when you’re looking at converting a file. So I want to go over the differences between these files now, just to give you a better understanding of how things can behave. So first, I’m going to load in a file which contains both Raster and Vector. A typical file which will contain both is a PDF file. A lot of people don’t realize that it can contain Vector elements, as well as Raster, I.e., typical images. So, first, I’m going to File, PDF, and Load. I’m going to choose this Example PDF. So the first clue is, straightaway, Scan2CAD will always tell you a dialogue similar to this. So, in this case, it’s saying that there’s one page, of one possible page is being opened. The page contains both Raster and Vector elements, and it’s asking us if we want to load both. We could, if we wanted to, just load the Vector, for example. And it gives us a preview behind the Dialogue Window what it would look like. But I’m going to load both in this example.

01:14: So, hitting Load there, and now we have something that just looks like an image, I guess. But there’s actually a Vector element here. So, another clue to that, other than the dialogue we just saw, is up here, you see the different view options with Scan2CAD. You can see the View Raster Image, which is the I with the black line underneath. The View Vector Image, which is the I with the red line underneath. And the View Both Images, which is the I with the black and red line underneath. So viewing the Raster Only looks like that. Viewing the Vector Only looks like that. And if we wanted to, we could hit See, which will show the Vector Colors. And Vector Colors show you the difference between the types of Vectors that you’re viewing. So you can red lines here, and pink arcs, and if we hit View Both, we can see the Vector overlaying the Raster. So you’ll notice that with an image like this, because there is a Raster element in there, we can, if you like, still do a Vector conversion. We have the options here. But we’re not going to do that now.

02:31: I now want to show you what a PDF file may look like when it only contains Vectors. So, first, I’m going to close this PDF, going to File, then Close All. I am not going to save anything. I’m going to File, then PDF, then Load. I’m loading in this example. Open. And again, the first clue is that Scan2CAD’s telling us there’s only a Vector in this file, in this PDF. I’m going to hit Load. And you’ll notice that, at the top here, we now have the Vectorize options greyed out. So we can’t perform OCR, we can’t Vectorize, we can’t do both. And again, at the top here, the Raster View option is greyed out, and viewing both Raster and Vector is greyed out. We can only view the Vector. That’s, of course, because there’s only Vector elements in this file. And, again, if he hit See for Vector Colors, we can see the different types of Vectors there. So if you’re ever wondering why you can’t see the Vectorize options in a file, just double-check whether it’s only Vectors within the file. It’s usually the case, if that happens, it’s easy to forget that PDF files can contain both Raster and Vector.

03:57: I hope that helps. The Scan2CAD team is always here to help. Just drop us an email at any time. Cheers.