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How to convert your image to vector


Video Transcript
00:00: Hi, everybody. Luke from Scan2CAD here. So, in this video, I will show you how, in about 30 seconds, you can convert your images, such as PDF files, or BMP, or any other image, into a clean, editable Vector file, such as DXF.

00:14: So first, we are going to load in the image. We will click on “File Raster, Load.” And for this example, I’ve chosen an architectural image. I have chosen this type of image because it’s quite complex. There’s text, as you can see. We’ve got different line types. Let’s just zoom in a little. We’ve got Dutch lines here, we’ve got arcs, and so on.

00:38: So first thing I will do is to tell Scan2CAD the type of image that this is. So I will go to Type, and choose “Architectural.” The next thing we have to do is convert it to Vector. And I’m going to choose the “All” button, and I’m choosing “All” because there are both Vector shapes and text here that I want to create. So if I click “All,” I will hit “Okay” there, and if I press V for Vector, then I can see the Vector version that we’ve created. If I wanted to, I could create some edits here. We can see that we’ve got Vector text that I can just directly edit now. Or I could change the lines, or the shapes, whatever I wanted to do. But for this example, all I want to do is create the DXF file. So I will just go to the “File,” then “Vector,” and then “Save As,” and we’re done.