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How to create a vector outline



Video Transcript

00:01: Hi, everybody. Luke from Scan2CAD here. In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a clean vector outline from any drawing that you have in your raster images. So why would you want do it? Well, you may be working with CNC, you may be engraving, and you want to engrave a drawing that you’ve created in your image. You may just simply want to convert a logo into a vector outline. For whatever purposes, this is how you do it.

00:27: First, I’m going to load in the file. For this example, I will load in the sample flower TIFF file, which is in every download of Scan2CAD. It is located in your Samples folder. So I’ll go to File, Raster, and then Load. I will choose “flower”. Hit open, and there it is. The first thing I want to do is tell Scan2CAD what this file is. So I’m going to choose Type, and choose Outline. I can see it will be selected, just click that.

01:04: The second and final step really is to convert it into vector. We have the three conversion options here. We have OCR, which stands for optical character recognition that would convert any text in your image to editable vector text. We have VEC or VEC for vectorize, which would vectorize anything else in the image into clean vectors. And we have All, which does both. In this case, we can just hit “VEC”. This is just a dialogue. It informs your SFU points. And we will hit “Okay.”

We already have our conversion. What we can see right now is the vector version of the file is overlaying on the raster version. So you can slightly see there is a blue outline around these shapes. What we can do is we could hit one of the different view options. We have the raster view, vector view, and right now it’s on raster and vector together. But I’m just going to use the shortcut key, V for vector, and hit that. Then we can see what we have, which is a clean vector outline for our original image. And if I want to, I could then go to File and Vector and Save as and save this file. Thank you.