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How to move vector text

Video Transcript
00:00: In this video, I’m gonna show you how we move vector text in Scan2CAD.

00:07: First of all, I’m going to convert these drawings better. I’m going to hit the All button, so we perform both OCR and convert the vector objects. I will hit V for vector, to view the vector we’ve just created. And we can see, if I was to hit R and V alternately, we can see both. I want to move these text labels to center of each room, they seem quite misplaced to me. So to do that, we select the move vector grab point, and we simply click the grab area that’s associated with the vector text.

00:53: If you can see on this video, hopefully, you can, it’s in the bottom left corner of the bathroom text we have a grab point. If you can’t see the grab points, hit G on your keyboard, and that will toggle between showing and hiding the grab points. You can see them up here on all the different line types as well. So, I’m going to click on this grab point and just simply drag it to the center of the room and I’ll do the same with this text on the bedroom text and place it around there. That’s it. So that’s how you move vector text in Scan2CAD. Cheers!