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How to open a file

Video Transcript
00:01: This is a very quick video in which we will show you how to load in a file to Scan2CAD. So I will go to File, and we can see some different options here for loading them. We see File, Raster, and then the Load, and New, and other options there. I want to then show you the Vector menu here. So, depending on the type of file that you load in, you will choose one of these. Raster covers any type of file you wouldprobably traditionally think of as an image, like a BMP file, a PNG file, a JPEG file, of course. Anything like that would fall into Raster.

00:46: So you go to File, Raster, and Load. And in this case, I’ve got a couple of TIFF files, which are also Raster files, and we can load those in. I can pick that one, and then Open. That is how you load in an image. Next, the other type of file we could load in is a Vector file. It is exactly the same process, but we’re just choosing from a separate section in the menu. So we go to File, then Vector, then Load, and then we’d choose the one. Let’s choose Floor-plan DXF, Open.

01:21: It’s actually overlaid it on there, so if I just press V, then I can view the floor-plan alone. That is how we load in the different types of files in Scan2CAD. I hope that helps.