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How to tile images


Video Transcript
00:16: You may be scanning in drawings, very large drawings, and you only have a small scanner, so you could fold the paper in half, then scan it twice, or multiple times and then tile it all together. Or you could be just dealing with two totally different images which for whatever reason you want to place together. Whatever the reason, here is how you paste these multiple images together.

00:39: First, we’re going to create the blank canvas for tiling, so we’re going to go to file, then tile, then create target sheet. I’m okay with these default settings, so I’m just gonna hit okay. And there we have our blank sheet. Then we just paste the images onto here. So what I’ve done is I’ve split an architectural drawing into two, and I will paste both of those into here; so I’ve gone to File, Tile, then Add Tile from File. I’m choosing the left one; select. Okay, I willa move that to the left a little, then I’m gonna right click the file and choose complete action. Next, I’m going to do the same again. I’m gonna go to File, then Tile, then Add Tile from File. I will choose the right one, select, and then we’re going to simply drag that across to where we need it. I will get it to a close area, and then I’m going to zoom in.

01:58: Being a bit eager with the zooming, and be a little more precise about it. There we go. Then again, right click, hit Complete Action. I’m going to use this button, it’s called zoom extent, and that will show us the whole file.

02:20: There we have it. We have the two images which we’ve pasted together to create one final image. And if we wanted to, obviously we could convert this to vector, but for now all I’m going to use is the file, raster, and then save and save it as an image. I hope that helps. Please send over any questions you may have to the Scan to CAD support team; we’re here to help. Cheers.