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Providing End User Details When Purchasing

When purchasing Scan2CAD you will have the option of providing the end user’s details at checkout.

If – for example – you are a reseller or purchasing department then we would strongly advise entering the end user’s details by checking the box labeled ‘Purchasing for someone else?’

It’s important to note that it doesn’t matter if the end user ends up changing for some reason. We will not lock the license to the details you’ve provided.

Here is how we do and don’t use these details:

How these details are used

  • Every Scan2CAD subscription includes 24/7 support. With the end-user’s details we can track who has access to this service.
  • Every Scan2CAD subscription also includes access to future upgrades for as long as their subscription is valid. With the end user’s details we can track who has access to this service.

How these details are not used

  • The end-user will never have access to your purchasing account.
  • The end-user will never receive any purchasing invoice/receipts for your purchases.
  • We do not email the software or license directly to the end-user. These details will be in the purchaser’s account after purchase. The purchaser can forward these details to the end user at their convenience.
  • We do not lock the license to the end user details you provide. Therefore these details can be changed if required.

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