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SoftwareONE (USA)

Headquatered in Stans, Switzerland, but serving customers around the world, SoftwareONE is a leading international platform, solutions and online services provider boasting of over 30 years of solid experience in the areas of software and technology. The company has offerings ranging from software licensing and purchasing, software lifecycle management, cloud-first advisory, delivery, and management solutions, and many more.

SoftwareONE assists clients in governing and managing their software, from licensing optimization to cloud-based solutions.

Company NameSoftwareONE (USA)
Company AddressSoftwareONE, Inc.
20875 Crossroads Circle, Suite 1
53186 Waukesha WI, USA
Contact[email protected]
+1 800 444 9890
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Zones focuses on customers’ IT needs and offers solutions that address the most important business challenges of modern times – flexibility, productivity, scalability, compatibility, and security.

Zones offers services such as workplace modernization and business process streamlining, network optimization, data center transformation, infrastructure enhancement, and more.

Company NameZones
Company AddressCorporate Headquarters – Zones, LLC
1102 15th St SW, Suite 102
Auburn, WA 98001-6509
Contact[email protected]
Social MediaTwitter
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Insight offers products and services for digital innovation, cloud and data center solutions, tools for employee collaboration, deployment, and increased workplace efficiency, software solutions, IT asset management, supply chain optimization, and more.

Insight is more than just a global technology provider. The company is focused on helping clients and businesses manage their operations in this modern era while also assisting in preparing for the future. Insight’s expertise in technology and customer relationships has earned it numerous accolades over the years.

Company NameInsight
Company AddressInsight Global Headquarters
6820 S. Harl Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85283
ContactEmail via the contact form
800 467 4448
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SHI offers a wide range of technological products and services for businesses, such as hardware, software, networking solutions, IT services, cloud services, security solutions, data center infrastructure, and more.

SHI has garnered many accolades and awards from longtime partners over the years, such as Microsoft US Surface Transformation Reseller of the Year (2019), Dell Technologies Transformational Partner of the Year (2019), Citrix Networking Partner of the Year (2018), Intel Partner of the Year PC Client Solution Award (2018), McAfee Partner of the Year (2017), Forbes America’s Best Employers 2016, and many more.

Company NameSHI
Company AddressSHI Headquarters
290 Davidson Avenue
Somerset, NJ 08873
ContactEmail via the contact form
888 764 8888
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Novedge is the leading online software store for design professionals. Their website is a one-stop show for engineers, designers and those from creative industries such as filmaking.

Novedge boasts a team of experts who can offer you advice on the best solution for your requirements. The team have developed useful resources for their customers such as their YouTube channel, webinars and more.

Company NameNovedge
Company Address260 Kearny Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94108, USA
[email protected]
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Large Document Solutions

Large Document Solutions is a division of the Engineering and Manufacturing Enhancements Corporation (EME Corp). EME was founded in 2001 and functioned mainly as a contract sales entity.

In late 2003, EME changed its focus to become a full-function reseller. Although it may appear as though our expertise dates back only twelve years, President Kevin Brinks has been in the industry over 30 years.

Company NameLarge Document Solutions
Company Address7318 S. Revere Pkwy. Unit A1
Contact(+11) 303 773 9015
[email protected]
Social Media@LargeDocuments
LargeDocumentSolutions (Facebook)
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Serves customers in the USA


Headquartered in Ontario, Canada, Designfusion is the largest dedicated solution provider of Siemens PLM software in North America. With an expert support team and a decade of history in the industry designfusion is the #1 choice for companies looking to best enhance their software acquisition.

Company NameDesignfusion
Company Address305 Milner Ave, Suite 308
Toronto, Ontario, M1B 3V4
ContactPhone: 416-267-5542
Toll Free: 1-888-567-3933
Email: [email protected]
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XM Hawaii, LLC

XM Hawaii is a digital print consulting company located in Honolulu. Formed in 2011, the company began providing bespoke printing solutions. XM Hawaii has evolved to providing a range of solutions within Wide Format Scanning.

The company sells and supports Contex’s complete line of wide format scanners along with products from Mutoh and Epson.

Company NameXM Hawaii, LLC
Company Address240 Puuhale Rd Honolulu HI 96817
[email protected]
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LDI Associats

LDI provides their clients with access to the best information and communication technologies through an offer of integral value, with an optimal level of service and substantial savings.

LDI offers managed printing and computing services, infrastructure services, software and cloud services, and other IT solutions.

Company NameLDI Associats
Company AddressAv. Clavería 123
02080 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Contact+52 (55) 85952000
[email protected]
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Softchoice helps to unleash the full potential of people, organizations, and technology by providing insight and professional expertise in risk and cost management. Softchoice assists their clients through services such as cloud adoption, data center transformation, software asset management, Microsoft licensing, and setting up self-serve eCommerce and purchasing systems, among other offerings.

Company NameSoftchoice
Company Address173 Dufferin Street Suite 200
Toronto, ON, M6K 3H7

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