Why You Should Avoid Cracked Copies of Scan2CAD

Updated Apr 11, 2017
Avoiding Cracked Software

Every business has a wide range of expenses to deal with, from staff salaries to office costs. With this in mind, deciding to invest in a new piece of software requires careful thought. It may even be tempting to try to dodge this cost by downloading a cracked copy of a program instead.

However, downloading cracked software comes with serious risks. There are no guarantees that any software crack will work, and installing it may compromise your system and leave your intellectual property vulnerable. Read on to learn more about why you should avoid downloading cracked copies of Scan2CAD—and how to (legally!) get the software for free.

What is a crack?

“Cracking” a piece of software means modifying it to remove or disable certain features. Most commonly, this includes removing copy protection features—for example, serial numbers and hardware keys. This gives users the ability to access licenced software for free.

The most common way of cracking a program involves reverse engineering its code using a debugger. Once the cracker finds the software’s primary protection features, they modify its binary code to skip past these features.

Whilst you can download a cracked copy of a program, this involves hosting and downloading large executable files. More commonly, a user downloads a crack itself. A crack is a computer program which carries out the act of cracking the software—this is much smaller than downloading a full, cracked version of the software itself.

One of the most common uses of a crack is to make a temporary free trial permanent by removing time limits. Alternatively, a keygen may be used to generate a serial number, allowing the user access to the software.

What are the problems of using a crack?

Trojan horse

Downloading cracked software could expose your system to trojans and other malware

The first issue is simple: cracked software is illegal.

Downloading a crack, or cracked program, means breaking copyright protection laws. You could end up being reported to your ISP, and end up facing criminal charges. Some users, however, may perceive these risks as worth taking for the ability to get software for free.

However, trouble with the law isn’t the only potential problem. After all, if someone is talented enough at programming that they’re able to break the copy protection features of a piece of software, then they also have the skills to change the program’s code in a number of different ways.

Cracked software often comes loaded with viruses, trojans, and other forms of malware. Users who insist on installing these programs anyway run the risk of compromising their system and putting their passwords and data in danger of being stolen. For example, the software could install a keylogger, which keeps track of your account details and passwords as you type them, allowing criminals to break into your accounts.

In addition, cracked software may also download compromising files onto your system, such as illegal pornography or classified documents. It can also effectively install a ‘back door’ into your system, enabling it to be used for DDoS attacks and illegal activities.

Even if you get lucky the first time, using a crack means no support and no automatic updates. This means that you’ll have to download additional cracks in future. This in turn gives programmers the chance to alter the malware you download, making it harder to detect. In short, more downloads means more risks to your system.

What are the specific risks to CAD users?

Whilst downloading cracked software can cause numerous general issues, there are also specific issues that affect CAD users.

One key issue is the risk of intellectual property theft. In the world of CAD, designers typically create and work with copyrighted and sensitive designs and data. Cracked software can be manipulated to siphon this property, putting your designs at risk—and with it, your entire business.

If you rely on CAD for your livelihood, downloading a crack just isn’t worth the risk.

How can I legally get Scan2CAD for free?

It’s easy to see why so many people want to download Scan2CAD. As the ultimate vectorization software, it comes packed with a wide range of features that other comparable programs can’t match.

Luckily, you can download it for free—with no need to search for a Scan2CAD crack.

You can try the full version of Scan2CAD—with no restrictions—with our 14-day free trial. Our trial lets you try Scan2CAD’s full range of market-leading features, all completely free.

This means that you’ll be able to convert between each of the 33 file types which Scan2CAD supports. You’ll also be able to make use of our advanced OCR capabilities, which can detect and convert raster text to vector. Not only that, but our raster and vector editing suite means that you can get optimal vectorization results every time.

There are no limits to the number of files you can convert; no restricted features; no watermarks on your output files. This means that you’ve got the chance to really put Scan2CAD to the test, letting you make an informed decision before you purchase a license.

Better still, downloading a free trial means no malware—so your system and intellectual property are completely safe. Plus, our flexible licensing options and 24/7 support make Scan2CAD the convenient choice for you and your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out our free trial today, and see what you can achieve with Scan2CAD.

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