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What’s new in Scan2CAD

The very latest features & updates

Fixes to OCR & PDF Import

Update Version 10.0.2

In this release we’ve addressed some issues related to OCR, PDF Import and we’ve also temporarily disabled the option to export using custom fonts.

We found a bug with the custom fonts option which will need to be addressed before it is used again. We will reactivate this option as soon as it is fixed.

Here’s the full list of changes in 10.0.2


  • None in this release.


  • None in this release.


  • Fixed a bug in which OCR was disabled when switching vectorization presets.
  • We’ve temporarily disabled the option to export using custom fonts. We’ve identified an issue with this option which will be resolved soon.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some PDF files with TIFF images to be opened on Windows.

Increased number of allowed beziers & improved text accuracy

Update Version 10.0.1

This release sees fixes to text placement accuracy, the number of allowed beziers in a design and more. 

Here’s a full list of the changes in 10.0.1


  • New warning message for users opening unsupported vector files containing 3D information.


  • Register form is no longer so restrictive regarding email addresses.
  • Improvements to activation process. Please contact us if you hit any problems with activation.
  • Improved accuracy of text string placement.


  • Fixed bug which prevents maximum of 4000 bezier curves to be accommodated.
  • Fixed issue in which OCR was being performed sometimes.

Welcoming Scan2CAD v10

Update Version 10.0.0

Today sees the release of Scan2CAD v10 and the start of our spanking-new changelog!

V10 is Scan2CAD redesigned from the ground-up, so with this new release we want to keep you up-to-date with the constant improvements. 

There’s far too many changes in this first release, compared to v9 so we won’t attempt to list them here. You can read more about the release of v10 in our blog post.