Batch Convert

Scan2CAD’s Batch Conversion feature (available on the Scan2CAD Business tier) allows you to convert thousands of files in a single run.

Images, PDFs and vector files may be converted to DXF or DWG.

The feature also allows you to convert all pages of multi-page PDFs in a single run.

The feature supports simple raster cleaning options and ‘Technical’ vectorization and OCR options.

For those who wish to have more granular control of batch conversion features, we offer an API to automate any feature of the software.

How to Batch Convert

  1. To batch convert your files, click Convert > Batch Convert in the application.

  2. Add all of the files that you wish to convert to a folder. This will be your ‘Input’ folder. Your ‘Output’ folder will be an empty folder in which you wish Scan2CAD to save your converted files.

  3. Edit the Batch Conversion settings to your preference and click ‘Run’ to begin the batch conversion.

  4. Batch conversions may take longer for a large amount of input folders so please be patient to allow the conversion to complete.

scan2cad batch convert

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