13 Sites with Free Creo Models

Updated Jan 22, 2021
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Pro/Engineer, as it was formerly known, was released in 1987 by PTC and later rebirthed as Creo in 2011. PTC is an intuitive multidisciplinary 3D CAD program with a family of design tools for computer-aided design, engineering, and manufacturing. Using this application, you get to experience seamless product design with its parametric design, simulation and analysis, and CAM features, which are all integrated into one environment. 

Although getting to understand how to design with Creo is not extremely difficult, designing a project from scratch can be tiresome and time-consuming. Going online, you will find thousands of models that can be downloaded into your Creo application and used directly or edited to your specifications. These models help save a lot of design time for professionals and assist the beginners who need a reference model in the course of learning the program. While most of these models are available on various websites for purchase, there are still a significant amount of free Creo models out there.

In this article, we will be going through 13 sites where you can download free Creo models. The models in these sites are of PTC Creo’s native file formats such as .prt and .asm. While going through this article, keep in mind that this is not a ranking or comparative article, and so the sites listed are in no particular order. 

1. PTC PARTcommunity


PTC PARTcommunity is an online CAD solution for industry professionals like architects, designers, engineers, and technicians. It provides standard user and supplier-contributed 2D and 3D CAD models in Creo file formats. The on this site tabs are well arranged to make their interface easy to navigate. The home screen has a search bar at the top, with which you can search by either the product name or by the order number of the supplier models. There are also other intelligent search filters such as the sketch, solidarity, color, certified catalog, supplier, and categories to narrow down the search results. You’ll need to register to be able to download models.

2. CGTrader


CGTrader is a virtual 3d content marketplace with over a million members. The features of the site include a model marketplace, various CAD tutorials, and freelance job offers. The models are categorized into aircraft, animals, architecture, CG textures, cars, plants, vehicles, and many more. There are thousands of 3D models, polycount, licenses, and attributes under the free models’ page. To begin your downloading, you will need to register to the site. 

3. Archive 3D


If you are into graphic designing, Archive 3D will interest you. They provide 3d models for animation and graphic design. The site comes with a straight forward interface and has displayed on the home screen, some models, a Google custom search bar, and the model categories by the side. The models are categorized into furnishing, equipment and appliance, site improvements, doors and windows, structures, and kitchen. For this site, registration is not needed to start downloading.

4. Turbosquid


Turbosquid offers a wide range of models to choose from. The site has a very aesthetic interface. Most of their models are premium (paid), but you can find about 30,000 free models from various software, including Creo. This site makes locating models seamless with the search option on the home page or by searching through the well-outlined categories ranging from anatomy to vehicles, buildings, and technology. To begin your download of the free models, registering with the site is mandatory. 

5. GrabCAD


GrabCAD is one of the largest, if not the largest, online CAD communities with over seven million CAD users as members. This website has a library with four million-plus free CAD files of over 40 different CAD formats, including PTC native formats for downloads. Asides from the free models, GrabCAD offers 3d printing services, a GrabCAD workbench for collaboration, different CAD challenges where you can win awards for your designs, and various CAD tutorials. To find your desired model, you can either use the search bar or browse through many categories. You’ll have to join the community to start enjoying the services of this site. 

6. 3D Content Central


3D Content Central is an enormous online service provider with a community of over 2 million CAD users. After joining the community by registering, you’ll be eligible to upload your models and download both the user and supplier-contributed free models. In its library, you’ll find thousands of models in various categories that are compatible with many popular CAD programs, such as Creo. There’s also a search bar provided. After searching and not finding your desired model, you can request and have your model designed by professionals in no time.

7. TraceParts


TraceParts is one of the leading online providers of 3D content for professionals. They provide digital marketing services for part vendors, 3d printing suppliers, and software and hardware vendors. It has a library (portal) with many supplier catalogs and has over 100 million CAD models, all of which are free of charge. They offer different options with which you can search for your desired model. You can search through the manufacturer catalogs and also search by sector (e.g., civil engineering, mechanical engineering). You would find a list of software packages such as Inventor, Solidworks, AutoCAD, and Creo to choose from below the screen. Registration is required to begin downloading. 

8. 3D CAD Browser

3D cad browser

The next on our list is a site solely dedicated to the provision of 3D models. Though most of the models on 3D CAD Browser are not free, you still have access to around a thousand free models. These models are available in Solidworks, CATIA, STL, and Creo file formats and are grouped in categories like automotive, vehicle, electrical, building, and technology. There is a search bar for the. To be able to download from this site, you would have to first register and then upload a model. This is to help increase the number of models in the library. 

9. CAD Crowd

cad crowd

Cad Crowd is an all in one online service provider in the CAD world. You can get modeling and rendering services on this website, find qualified freelance design, get 3d models, and participate in design contests. In their library (under the 3d models’ showcase tab), you’ll find thousands of free models designed by CAD crowd professionals, made available in different file formats such as the PRT and ASM. You can sort your models by categories or by selecting from a plethora of CAD software. There is also a search bar made available. 

10. MorphoSource 

MorphoSource was initially created by anthropologists. This site is an online platform where researchers come to upload and share their 3D designs. The platform is mainly for those who are in search of 3D of anthropology models. There are 15,000+ free models for download on the site in various popular file formats. Quality is assured as these models come from high-resolution 3D scans. There is a search bar for locating models.

11. Autodesk Online Gallery

autodesk online gallery

Being one of the most popular and powerful software makers, Autodesk is sure to have tangible content in its online gallery. The Autodesk Online Gallery is where members of the Autodesk community come to share their models for review and download. The gallery has over 20,000 free models for download. The website offers a ton of filters to ease your search and navigation. You can use filters such as industries, categories, and used products. You’ll find the models in various CAD formats, including Creo’s. As expected, you’ll have to be a member of the community to start your download. 

12. Part Cloud


This website gives you a little bit of everything 3D models. They offer both paid and free models. Game developers and graphic designers would find this site very useful. You can find models such as ice cream, lamps, doors, furniture, vehicles, shops, and so on. PARTcloud boasts of having one of the best search functions. You can either use the search bar or check through the top site users and their creations. You’ll need to register to start downloading. 

13. 3DSky


3DSky comes with a very simple interface. They offer both paid and free 3D models. The site also allows you to upload your models. On the homepage, there is a search bar for finding models and a tab named 3d models, which takes you to the 3d model library. Here, you’ll find Creo models alongside other applications’. They are categorized into furniture, architecture, technology, and a lot more. Just like in 3D CAD browser, you’ll have to upload a model after registering to download. You’ll be granted access to three free models per day.

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