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Updated May 10, 2022
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Matterport is an industry leader in the 3D virtual tours space. The company develops the world’s leading spatial data platform, eponymously named Matterport. The platform offers a myriad of capabilities that appeal to vast swathes of users, including hoteliers, realtors, facilities managers, vacation rental house owners, retail outlets, insurers, homeowners, and professionals in architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. And if you happen to be part of this target market, you may be wondering how much Matterport costs. In that case, you are in luck as this Matterport pricing explained article seeks to answer precisely that.

History of Matterport

Formative Years

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Matterport is a publicly-traded company that is just over ten years old. It was founded in 2011 by Dave Gausebeck and Matt Bell and grew progressively as a budding upstart thanks to investor funding as well as its vision to revolutionize the real estate space. In its formative years, Matterport focused on developing a 3D capture camera and an online viewing system, which was eventually launched in the second half of 2013. The platform enabled users to automatically create, modify, experience, and access cloud-based digital models of physical interior spaces.

2014 to 2017

In the summer of 2014, the company began rolling out capturing devices, the Matterport Pro 3D camera, in a move that expanded its capabilities even further. According to pundits, the camera came to define Matterport’s operations and its origin story even though it was released much later than the viewing platform. 

At that time, too, Matterport had not yet started supporting 3D capture via mobile phones. But the company hoped it would eventually support this capability after developing applications that would enable smartphones, tablets, and accessory 3D camera owners to capture and upload 3D scans. Also, Matterport hoped mobile phone technology would advance to accommodate this vision. 

Indeed, the Matterport Pro 3D camera complemented the company’s initial offering. Customers could use them to take 3D scans of the interior spaces and upload the files to the cloud, where Matterport’s revolutionary platform would process the data into high-resolution 3D models. The platform would then allow users to view the processed content (virtual tour) via its website and third-party platforms that ran on the company’s cloud. 

Throughout its formative years, however, Matterport wanted to be more than just a camera company. In line with this spirit, the company in 2015 envisioned the launch of its own VR headsets to rival the likes of Oculus, enabling users to tour the 3D virtual spaces in a more immersive manner. But Matterport had still not yet rolled out 3D capture capabilities for mobile phone users at this time.

2018 to Present

In 2018, Matterport hired its current President and CEO, RJ Pittman. Pittman has since modified the company’s direction by making it a data company that leverages the millions of data points collected whenever 3D scans are uploaded to the software platform. This renewed focus enables Matterport to digitize spatial data providing building intelligence on different spaces as well as targeted and accurate results to search queries. 

In 2021, Matterport finally launched the Matterport capture app for smartphones, extending its services to mobile phone users. Given that mobile phones are not equipped with tools and sensors to capture 3D scans, Matterport developed the Capture platform, which relies on AI – trained using its vast library of spatial data – to convert 2D images to 3D models.

Matterport has also expanded its capabilities and offerings, cementing its place as a leader in the 3D virtual tours space. So, what is Matterport?

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a platform that enables users to capture 3D scans of their spaces, digitize them by creating a 3D virtual twin, and subsequently promote and manage the 3D tours online. The platform also offers spatial data analysis intelligence that enables facilities managers, for example, to narrow down the number of properties that have specific attributes from a list of thousands of similar properties.

Depending on the situation, users can also use the 3D tours as a lodestar to guide the construction of spaces that are similar to what is captured within the Matterport digitized models. For instance, Matterport can generate schematic floor plans from the scans as well as models that can be imported into programs such as Revit, 3ds Max, ReCap, or AutoCAD. 

Matterport also offers professional capture services. Under this arrangement, the company lets you schedule a professional 3D scan wherein you hire a technician from its network of professionals. Matterport then sends you the final 3D virtual tour via email within 24 hours. 

The company also sells 3D cameras, with the current iteration being the Matterport Pro2 3D camera, released in 2017. Regarded as the gold standard for 3D capture, the 134 megapixels camera is ideal for use in various settings, including commercial buildings, apartments, hotels, and homes. Along with the Pro2 camera, Matterport also develops and sells the Axis(TM) motorized mount to facilitate quality scans on mobile phones.

It is worth noting that Matterport offers these hardware and software offerings at a fee. This brings us to the most fundamental bit of this article: Matterport pricing.

Matterport Pricing Explained

Our analysis of Matterport pricing will take a multi-pronged approach that will discuss the various offerings separately. First, it is noteworthy that Matterport uses a subscription model, although some services are available on a one-time fee basis. 

Matterport Pricing: Software Offering





Monthly Fee

Annual Fee



Not applicable

·  1 active space

·  2 users

·  Ability to take measurements, view 3D twin in the cloud, and download images and videos



Not applicable

·  5 active spaces

·  2 users

·  All features of the free plan

·  Ability to share and embed anywhere

·  Basic space traffic analytics

·  Ability to publish to Google Street View for a limited time

·  Ability to publish to

·  Schematic floor plans at a subscription fee (as indicated below)




·  25 active spaces (models)

·  5 users

·  All features of the starter plan

·  Team collaboration

·  Automatic face blurring

·  Ability to export space traffic analytics reports

·  Schematic floor plans at a subscription fee (as indicated below)

·  MatterPak™ technical files at a fee (as indicated below)

Professional plus



·  50 active spaces (models)

·  All the capabilities of the professional package




·  125 active models

·  All the capabilities of the professional package

Business Plus



·  300 active models

·  All the capabilities of the professional package

Enterprise Plan

Pricing available on inquiry

·  All features of Professional and Business Plan

·  Enterprise-wide collaboration

·  Centralized account management

·  Technical support

·  Access to APIs and SDKs for integration and automation

·  Discount pricing for schematic floor plans and MatterPak technical files

Classic Cloud Plan (available to subscribers who had signed up before the plan before May 9, 2019)

Pricing available here


Matterport Pricing: Add-ons

Add-on: Schematic Floor Plans

This schematic floorplans add-on (not to be confused with the Matterport BIM File add-on) allows Matterport customers to purchase 2D floor plans of their 3D models captured using supported cameras and mobile phones. Once an order is placed, Matterport generates floor plans for each floor, which are then delivered as separate PNG and SVG files. The company also offers a single-page PDF document containing all the floors. The Matterport pricing details on this add-on vary based on your package, as summarized below.

Schematic Floor Plans Pricing



Regular option (plans delivered within two business days)

Fast option (plans delivered within 24 hours)

Express option (plans delivered within 6 hours)

Free plan

Not applicable


Not applicable

Not applicable

Starter plan

$19.99 per floor plan

Not applicable

Not applicable

Professional plan

$14.99 per floor plan

$19.99 per floor plan

$34.99 per floor plan

Business plan

$12.99 per floor plan

$19.99 per floor plan

$34.99 per floor plan 

It is worth noting that Matterport does not support any other file format apart from PNG, SVG, and PDF. In this regard, if you wish to vectorize the raster floor plans, Scan2CAD is an excellent place to start. As a leading conversion software, Scan2CAD enables you to convert Matterport floor plans to vector file formats such as DXF or DWG.

Add-on: MatterPak™ Bundle

The MatterPak bundle enables users to download different types of Matterport assets, including:

  • OBJ files: these files contain textured 3D meshes created when Matterport combines 2D visual data with 3D depth data (shown below)
Textured 3d mesh

Textured 3D Mesh (source)

  • Point clouds: colorized models based on 360º panorama images (example shown below)
Matterport point cloud

Point Cloud (source)

  • High-resolution floor plan images: unique orthogonal views of textured 3D meshes
High-resolution floor plan image

High-Resolution Floor Plan Image (source)

  • Reflected ceiling plan images: vertical views of everything on the ceiling, including insulation, plumbing, ventilation shafts, wiring, and more

The Matterport pricing for the MatterPak is summarized below:

MatterPak Bundle Pricing



Free Plan

Not applicable

Starter Plan

Not applicable

Professional Plan

$49.00 per MatterPak bundle

Business Plan

$39 per MatterPak bundle

The MatterPak bundle is only available for purchase to users who capture their models using the Matterport Pro1, Pro2, Pro2 Lite, or Leica BLK360 3D cameras. The feature is therefore not available to users who use supported 360º cameras or mobile phones. It is noteworthy that this requirement also applies to Matterport’s other add-ons, namely the aforementioned Matterport BIM File, TruePlan (discussed below), and the E57 File.

Add-on: Matterport TruePlan™

Matterport TruePlan™ add-on is designed to help property insurance professionals settle their claims efficiently. It leverages the fact that Matterport is a property/spatial data provider. This is because TruePlan is a feature that enables you to purchase a 2D plan of a property you had scanned and uploaded to Matterport. 

Matterport trueplan

Matterport TruePlan (source)

The service is available as a result of a collaborative effort between Matterport and Xactimate, a software that enables policyholders to create accurate, detailed, and professional-looking estimates of property claims. The integration between the software allows Xactimate users to order TruePlans natively on the Xactimate, saving time as a result. The Matterport pricing for this add-on is based on the area covered by the property. This is summarized in the table below. 

Matterport TruePlan* Pricing

TruePlan Package


Starter Plan

Professional Plan

Business Plan

TruePlan Tier 1 (0-1,000 square feet)

Not applicable



TruePlan Tier 2 (1,000-3,999 square feet)

Not applicable



TruePlan Tier 3 (4,000-9,999 square feet)

Not applicable 



TruePlan Tier 4 (10,000-25,000 square feet)

Not applicable



*To use Matterport Trueplan, you must first capture your model using Matterport Pro1, Pro2, Pro2 Lite, or Leica BLK360 3D cameras. In this regard, you can not use purchase and use this add-on if you initially captured your model or wish to capture your model using a mobile phone or any other supported 360º camera.

 Add-on: Publish to Google Street View

Matterport enables users to publish the 3D virtual tours of non-residential properties to Google Street View. However, the publication is subject to Google Street View’s terms of service. Matterport Pricing for this add-on is summarized in the table below.

Publish to Google Street View Pricing



Free Plan

Not applicable

Starter Plan

$19.99 per space

Professional Plan

$14.99 per space

Business Plan

$12.99 per space

 Matterport Pricing: Hardware Offerings



Matterport Pro2 3D camera

Starts at $3,395

Matterport Pro2 & backpack bundle 

$3,795 (or a discounted offer $3,495*)

Matterport Pro2 Small Hard Case Kit

$3,795 (or a discounted offer of $3,495*)

Matterport Axis motorized mount

Starts at $79

*Discounted offer price as of April 11, 2022

 The Pro2 camera & backpack bundle comes with the Pro2 camera, a tripod, quick release, and backpack, while the small hard case kit comes with a tripod, quick release, and a small hard case. Matterport also sells third-party 360º degree cameras from Insta360 and Ricoh Theta.

Matterport Pricing: Services




Matterport Professional Capture Service

1 to 4,000 square feet


4,000 to 13,000 square feet


13,000 to 30,000 square feet


>30,000 square feet

Pricing available on inquiry

 It is worth pointing out that if the Matterport pricing is well over your budget, there are several Matterport alternatives from which to choose. In fact, there are some free 3D virtual tour software as well as non-subscription-based software that require you to pay a one-off fee. 

Parting Shot

Matterport is a technology company that develops both software and hardware. In addition, the company offers allied services and includes add-on offerings for its customers. These products and services are priced separately to suit different users’ needs. And in this Matterport pricing explanation article, we have explored how much different Matterport products and services cost.

Matterport offers a wide range of virtual tour solutions that are priced differently. This article, therefore, explores Matterport pricing for these offerings.

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