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How to install Scan2CAD on a PC without internet access

This article relates to Scan2CAD v9.

There are two ways in which you can activate Scan2CAD.

  1. Online Activation
  2. Email Activation

Online is recommended and instant as long as the PC is connected to the internet.

Email activation is for users who do not have internet access. It is not an instant process, it can take up to 24 hours to complete.

How to send an email activation request

  1. Follow the steps as directed by the installer.
  2. During install you will be asked whether you wish to choose Online or Email activation, choose Email activation.
  3. Scan2CAD will copy the activation request code to your virtual clipboard. Paste this code (in whole) into a text file.
  4. Move the text file to a PC which is able to send emails. Email the code to us ([email protected])
  5. The Scan2CAD team will manually process your activation request and respond back via email with a unique activation code.
  6. Enter the activation code into Scan2CAD’s installer when prompted to complete installation and activation.


Below shows an example of an email activation request.

Example email activation request

Example email activation request

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