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Rasterize a vector file


Scan2CAD is a raster to vector converter – it converts raster images to vector. However it can also convert vector files to raster.


If no raster image is open in Scan2CAD:

1. Select File Menu > Vector > Rasterize.
2. The New Raster Settings dialog appears.
Size and orientation are set automatically.
Dpi is not relevant to the rasterize function as Scan2CAD creates one raster pixel for each vector coordinate point.
Use the dialog to select the palette of the new raster image. This will normally be the AutoCAD palette.
Use the dialog to select the color depth of the new raster image. This will normally be 4 Bit (16).

If you select a 1 Bit color depth all the vectors will be converted to black. If you select a higher color depth, the vectors will be mapped to the nearest equivalent color in the palette you have chosen.

3. Click OK.

The rasterized image appears on the screen.

4. Save the new raster image using File Menu > Raster > Save As.


If a raster image is already open in Scan2CAD:

1. If you want to rasterize the whole vector file make sure the whole vector file is displayed. You can display the whole vector file by clicking or pressing the Home key.

If you only want to rasterize an area of the vector file, choose the area you want to rasterize by windowing it or zooming into it.

2. Select File Menu > Vector > Rasterize.

The vectors are rasterized and pasted into the existing raster image.


After rasterization the lines making up the raster image are one pixel thick. To thicken the lines use Raster Effects Menu > Thicken > Lines ().


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