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What are vectorization settings?

Select vectorization settings

Edit vectorization settings


What are vectorization settings?

Vectorization settings are the variables that control the conversion of a raster image to vector lines, polylines, circles, arcs and Bezier curves.

For successful conversion, different images and applications need different vectorization settings. For example, architectural floorplans tend to be made up of horizontal and vertical lines and Scan2CAD needs to try to keep these lines exactly horizontal and vertical. Maps on the other hand are made up of curves and lines that go in all directions and Scan2CAD must not try to make these lines exactly horizontal and vertical.


Select vectorization settings

1. Go to the Type Menu.
2. Select the option that best describes the raster image, or select the Sketch, Outline, Scanline or User options:


CNC Profile
Contour Map
Site Plan



Sketch traces every detail of a raster image using many short lines.


Outline outlines solid areas of black or color.


If you select Scanline Scan2CAD creates an exact vector copy of the raster original. The vector image is made up of many closely spaced parallel horizontal lines. Scanline is useful for artwork that contains solid areas, like logos and illustrations, but it creates very large vector files.


 As Picture/Photo images can be so varied, it is difficult to have a predefined set of parameters that might be applied generally as detailed below in Edit vectorization settings. Therefore each time you vectorize an image you will be presented with a dialog to define appropriate settings for that image.


Your own user-defined settings.


The settings you select will be used next time you vectorize an image using Run Menu > Vectorization () or Run Menu > All ().


Edit vectorization settings

Scan2CAD’s default vectorization settings normally give good vectorization results without modification, but you can edit them to optimize the conversion of an image, part of an image or a group of images.


To do this:

1. Select Type Menu > Settings.

If Scanline is the currently selected option in the Type Menu, the Scanline Settings dialog appears.

If any other option is currently selected, the Vectorization Settings dialog appears. The settings in the dialog are the values for the option that is currently selected in the Type Menu.

2. Edit the settings in the dialog.
3. Click OK.


The edited settings will be used until you edit them again or reset them to default by clicking on the Default button.


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