Why you need to reduce colors on raster images


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Before reducing colors After reducing colors

When you scan a color drawing, the colors are not scanned uniformly. For example in the left hand image above, the brown is made up of many shades of brown, the blue is made up of many shades of blue and the white is made up of many shades of white.

If you are working with a color raster image with a view to creating a color DXF file, you need to make the colors on the raster image as uniform as possible. To do this, you need to reduce the number of colors that are used on the image so that all the shades of brown become one brown, all the shades of blue become one blue and all the shades of white become one white.


You can reduce the number of colors manually, automatically or using a combination of both methods. See Reduce colors manually and Reduce colors automatically.


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