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Find all the latest news and announcements from Scan2CAD HQ in this section. We’ll discuss all the major steps in our software’s roadmap, alongside any relevant announcements for our product and the company. This section will also cover news items from a variety of topics related to raster to vector conversion, CAD, CNC, additive manufacturing, and other related fields. We’ll also be posting a monthly news roundup, World of CAD, which will cover major announcements from the key players in CAD and its related industries, and will also shine a spotlight on the many creative and innovative uses of CAD software.
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Stay Safe, Stay Productive, Stay Kind

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COVID-19 will affect you no matter your geography, occupation or age. We are all in this together. As a team we are working on the mantra to; stay safe, stay productive and stay kind. There are many long press releases from companies…

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