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How To Convert a PDF for Creo

Table of Contents About CreoImage importing in CreoRaster vs. VectorFile formats for SolidworksConvert a PDF to Creo with Scan2CAD About Creo Creo is a set of apps focused on computer-aided design (CAD) specifically for the product design and manufacturing niches. The…

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Is CAD Drafting a Good Career?

Drafting is smack dab in the middle of the two niches of art design and technical work. Most people who find themselves torn between their creative side and their analytical side find that this is the perfect compromise. Drafting, or more…

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Creo: Learn The Basics In 1 Hour

Also known as PTC Creo, Creo is a multipurpose 3D modeling software for CAD, CAM, CAE. This software caters to everything: product design, development, and manufacturing. Creo was initially called Pro/engineering when it was released by PTC in 1987. Its release…

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How To Trace An Image In SolidWorks

Table of Contents About SolidworksOn importing imagesRaster and Vector imagesFile formats for SolidworksTracing using Solidworks toolsUsing Scan2CAD About Solidworks Solidworks is a 2D and 3D capable CAD program that most designers and engineers will be at least familiar with. It’s a…

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How Much Does Creo Cost? Pricing Explained

Creo, also known as PTC Creo, is a multifaceted 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing, and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software for everything product design, development, and manufacturing. The powerful features of Creo include modeling and design, simulation and analysis, smart…

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How To Trace An Image In Onshape

Table of Contents About OnshapeOn importing imagesRaster and vector imagesFile formats for OnshapeTracing manually on OnshapeConverting and using a vector imageFinal thoughts About Onshape The main things most users will consider when using a CAD program are its functionality and intended…

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